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Donna Singer

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Lincoln Center, MET NYC * July 25, 2016 * Guild Recital Hall, 7:30-9:00pm GREAT!!

Donna's JAZZ Schedule!!

Schedule Postpone till we come back from Europe!!

Wednesday Night Jazz at Tin Fish Clematis till July 13th!!

Jazz In The Afternoon at Methodist Church till August 1st!!

Sunday Evening Jazz at Coblestone Grill and Bar till August 7th!!

Central Park, NYC * July 26, 2016 * 6:30-7:30pm.  CAN'T TOUCH THIS!!

Remember Black History 

About Donna

A graduate of the New York Academy of Theatrical Arts, with formal training at The Julliard School. Donna loves to share her passion and musical gifts with the genre she loves the most...jazz.

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"Donna Singer is a first call vocalist... with an effervescent spirit and impeccable phrasing there is certainly no lack of talent." ​

~Brent Black, @Critical Jazz

Torina, ITALY * June 28, 2016 * YIPPEE!!

Poschavo, SWITZERLAND  * June 28, 2016   WOW!!

​​​​​​Contact Donna
 NYC:  212/726-2989
FL:  561/303-9581

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